A drive-in racking system is an ideal option for sprucing up a warehouse. It makes it competitive and makes your current chain supply more effective. A drive In rack system is a perfect solution to most storage facilities’ challenges.

What are drive-in racking systems?

Drive-in pallet racks or systems are highly used methods to handle storage. The good thing about them is the simple design. These systems need minimal retrofit of the current conditions to be accommodative.

How it works

Place the pallets on static parallel structures with rails instead of wheels and carts. The placement is one on top of the other. The pallets remain stationary in sets of stand-by patterns until you remove and relocate them using a forklift. These systems allow you to store a high number of pallets. It also allows you to increase your operation and take more inventory without purchasing or leasing extra warehouse space.

The different types of drive-in racking systems

Single entry 

They allow forklift access from one side. It’s a standard drive-in racking system widely used in the food and beverage industries because it’s ideal for large freezers and coolers.

Double entry

They allow forklift access from both sides, and its design allows quick access to the pallets from the rear ends. The structure of this type varies with time, giving it the nickname “drive-through racking system.”

Advantages of drive-in racking systems

Optimized warehouse space

They allow you to reconstruct the warehouse space as they cut out the fat to make it more efficient and leaner. You will grow your storage space by 80% if you use storage configuration and optimized lines.

Having a dense-oriented and versatile system with fewer aisles allows you to use limited space.

High-density storage

The main and more essential benefit of a drive-in racking system is that it allows you to improve your storage. The system maximizes the warehouse and adds value to it. The system has the potential to double the usable square footage.

A well-optimized system can even withstand between six to eight pallets deep.

Easy to change your structure, move and gain the necessary upgrades

Little training will make your warehouse personnel and employees can turn to be more adaptable to manage the system. The cross-beam patterns are simple to navigate. Employees like forklift drivers need extra training on the loading procedures.

It’s easy to upgrade the system and add more storage with a few fixes.

It’s ideal for the storage of a huge number of homogenous materials.

The drive-in racking system’s versatility has limitations that aren’t necessarily a con. Many of these systems’ designs target a single material or product.

The drive-in pallet racking benefits

Cheap assembly and maintenance costs

It’s easy to afford and assemble a drive-in racking system. Because of the durable and high-quality materials, it’s practical when maintenance comes into place.

Disadvantages of the drive-in pallet racking system

These systems aid in specific industries because of their configuration to harness their potential and allow the storage of a single product type.

Managers have to address the current management criteria. These systems types are due to the stationary method. They lead to problems with bookkeeping and inventory.

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