Since pressure cleaner machines have different designs and specifications, some have features unique to them. Such features only come with a particular model and may be expensive as long as the customer is satisfied. Some characteristics are standard and appear in all pressure washer units. This article shares features of a regular pressure washer

Common characteristics of pressure cleaners

The standard features are more than the model-specific ones. Almost every cleaner has them, and they include;

1. Changeable pressure washer nozzles

Nozzles are important parts of pressure cleaners. They restrict the flow of water resulting in pressure build-up within the hose. Additionally, they are identified by the colors and further down to their degrees. Each degree behaves differently from the other. You have to remove the nozzle entirely and replace it with another for more or reduced water pressure. These nozzle types are the most accurate, but others prefer the adjustable kind.

2. Adjustable pressure washer nozzles

They are similar to the changeable ones as they also restrict water flow. As mentioned earlier, they come in varying colors; red, yellow, black, green, etc. When buying a pressure washing machine, the seller gives you a separate kit with all nozzles. However, the adjustable nozzle comes connected to the device. It’s a single unit since you don’t need to switch out things. The nozzle has labeling to guide you during the setting. Therefore, the machine’s water pressure changes as you move from one point to another. These nozzles are more convenient than the switchable kind. But, it’s easy to mistake the pressure levels in the case of unfamiliarity.

3. Pressure washer detergent compartment

The cleaning process is always better with soap. Pressure cleaners with this feature give you the option of using soap or not. According to research, most buyers opt for washers with a compartment, an upgrade from the traditional soap application by hand. You can fill the compartment with detergent before washing and dispense it in the process. The dispenser comes marked, showing the ideal level of the soap. While dispensing, the 65-degree nozzle must be attached to allow spraying at low pressure. The detergent stays in the compartment for future use until refilling is necessary.

4. Storage space within the pressure cleaner

Pressure cleaner machines are known for the dirt removal. Referring to them as storage units is strange, but most latest models contain this feature. A pressure washer hose reel stores and keeps the hose in place. But that’s just one of the pressure cleaner attachments meaning others risk wear and tear. Manufacturers designed this feature to accommodate components like nozzles, power cords, and the wand. There are several nozzles, so poor storage leads to misplacement. These tiny elements don’t have to be exposed to harsh environmental conditions. You can access the unit at any time and get only what you need.


Bottom line

Pressure cleaner features are many. Those named above are the most common and available in most machines. All features play a significant role in the pressure washing process. During pressure cleaner selection, ensure the qualities you want are there and can perform what you desire.

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