Have you ever heard of a purse made out of a filter? Never? Well, then, let me introduce you to chic, endurable, and eco-friendly jelly handbags. Sounds weird, right?

The name comes from the jelly-straining bags that these purses are made of.

Jelly handbags have come a long way from being an accessory to a functional, carry-on to hold essentials. Common materials used for jelly handbags are PVC, acrylic, and resin.

The jelly purse industry has introduced various types and designs for different occasions.

Let’s look at all the formal or informal varieties we can choose from.

Various Styles of Jelly Bags You May Choose From

Jelly Travel Pool Bag

These fashionable, double-strapped bags are bucket or rectangular-shaped, used on a picnic to the beach or poolside. These are portable valises mainly used to carry clothes or other essential items one needs to take on an outing. Apart from that, these may be used for other outdoor activities, such as workplaces.

PVC is used for manufacturing these recyclable bags. Their sizes may range from 30×25×15cm – 19×28×15 cm.

Custom Logo Backpack

These are trendy bags with a logo or tagline printed on them. The logo can be customized as per the customer’s requirements.

This transparent bag comes with a small pouch in it, thus making it two bags for the price of one. It is made of PVC and PU. Logo backpacks have a zipper on top to seal them.

Jelly Mini Handbag

These casual tote bags usually come with a single handle and are better suited for dinner parties or lunch gatherings. They have a hasp to secure the limited items stored in them.

The primary materials for jelly minibags are PVC, 65% cotton fake wool felt, and 35% polyester.

These are small-sized, as the name indicates, and may range from just 56-58 cm in size.

Mini Crossbody Purses

Crossbody bags are a timeless trend. Shapes, designs, and colors are tailored as per the prevailing season, but the function and class of these bags remain the same.

These bags are made of PVC. It may have a smaller chained woven and a longer PVC strap. Jelly mini crossbody bags have flaps that close with a clasp.

They come in several funky colors, giving you plentiful choices to complement your dress.

Red Lips Jelly Bags

These designer bags have recently joined the race and will soon become the new sensation owing to their fun and dapper look. These are huge lips dangling by a chain across your body. Take these to the next party you go to and enjoy all the impressed glances.

Red lips jelly bags are made of PVC and come in many colors, unlike their name.


Jelly bags are among the most creative and sustainable bags. You do not need to worry while storing your wet bathing suit or sand particles getting in there. These threats do not damage jelly bags.

Non-toxic PVC is used to keep them recyclable and, above all, sanitizable.

Apart from that, jelly bags come in numerous colors and designs. So it is up to you to go through your collection of jelly bags and decide which one you will carry to your special event and which one to keep for a shopping day.

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