Kids love mermaid tail blankets. These types of blankets are quite popular among teenage girls during winter. Although they are similar in design, they have different color combinations that make them look stunning. Moreover, they offer comfort and warmth. If you are planning to travel, you can carry along your mermaid tail blankets as they are compact. Before you buy one, you should consider these things:


Mermaid tail blankets are available in a variety of styles and designs. They range from open-crochet options to sewn-fleece designs. Crocheted and knitted blankets have an open base and back that make it easier to wear them. However, this compromises on the level of warmth they can offer. If it is cold at home, you should get your teenage daughter a sewn blanket. This type has closed bottoms and tight fitting to keep out the cold.


Other than the sewing style, you should consider size of the blanket. If you are buying it for an adult, you should get one that measures at least 70 inches long. This will keep both the legs and upper body warm. For teenagers and kids, go for blankets that measure around 50 inches long. These will keep your kids cozy without having to cover the entire body. Many brands have both adult and child sizes. This means you can match up with your little one.


Mermaid tail blankets are made of materials such as acrylic fiber, orlon, and cotton. You can also find some made of a combination of two or more materials. Make sure you choose a material that matches your skin type and preferences.

Cleaning Requirements

This is dependent on the material you choose. The fabric you select will determine how you wash your mermaid blanket. Therefore, go for easy-to-wash blankets that are comfortable. Whether you are using a machine or hand to wash, the washing process should be easy.


Go for mermaid blankets with bright colors or patterns. With these, you can create attractive themes to imitate a mermaid feel.

Open/Close Back

Mermaid blankets with this feature offer a lot of convenience. This feature allows you to enjoy a cold breeze of wind even after wrapping your body closely. However, if you do not want to enjoy cool wind, you should go for closed-back blanket. This will keep you warm as it provides you the convenience you need.


There is a chance that you will want to use your mermaid blanket outside your home. If that is the case, you should consider portability of your blanket. It should be easy to carry and use. You can even get a mermaid blanket bag to carry it.


Mermaid tail blankets offer you the opportunity to bring fairytales into your kids’ room. The truth is that kids love mermaids as they find them gorgeous. Their vibrant tails are quite amazing. Getting the right blanket will help fulfill your kid’s fantasy of being a mermaid. If you are buying for teenage girls, go for bright colors. The mermaid blanket you choose should be easy to clean.

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