Interstates are built to guarantee and ensure people and goods safe and easy movement. Driving is a serious responsibility that calls for great caution, but it’s not just the driver’s responsibility to watch out for hazards on the road; roads and highway guardrail also play a crucial role. The number of collisions continues to rise despite the widespread advice to maintain a steady speed. When drivers lose control of their vehicles, there is a greater possibility of an accident with other cars.

Highway Crash Barriers

Highway Crash Barriers must be included in the design of all new roads and highways. Let’s look at three of the most significant gains of installing these barriers along streets. The British Standard for metal pedestrian restraint devices, BS7818 Class 2, is met by three widely used guardrail designs. No Alpha Rail pedestrian guardrail doesn’t meet these requirements. The M1 full-height panel and the M2 sight gap panel are available as unit panels that may be bolted together through their shared frames. Depending on the context, the panel and post configuration is called Optirail (or Visirail).

Exactly why do we need a guardrail for pedestrians?

Guardrails for pedestrians are installed primarily to direct people to more secure crossing areas and splitter islands. You’ll see them all around the country, lining the edges of roads to restrict the space between the street and the sidewalk.

A pedestrian guardrail is a very sturdy component that can also be beneficial in off-highway areas. Alpha Rail’s pedestrian guardrail has been deployed on-site to create safe passageways from sites where forklifts and trucks are offloading. They can also be modified as a spectator barriers outside a sports field; these barriers, built into the softer ground, have longer legs to assure their stability.

How sturdy is a typical pedestrian guardrail?

Alpha Rail’s pedestrian guardrail is made from mild steel, which is both inexpensive and durable and may be galvanized to make it corrosion-resistant. Alpha Rail’s metalwork is finished using this standard technique, which entails dipping the metal in molten zinc.

While pedestrian guardrail’s primary purpose is safety, it can still be aesthetically pleasing. After galvanizing, panels may be polyester powder coated in any RAL color, making it easy to match the metalwork to your company’s or institution’s color scheme. Your metalwork will last longer since the powder coating provides an additional layer of defense.

Congestion and Traffic Delays are Diminished

Congestion on highways and roads can be significantly alleviated by installing crash barriers. Travelers will have more freedom to plan their journeys confidently and arrive at their destinations on schedule if traffic congestion is reduced.

Road safety has improved.

Using Highway Crash Barriers also reduces the risk of road and highway accidents. These crash barriers were built to make the roads safer for drivers and passengers. Direct collisions can be averted with the help of these highway crash barriers by preventing a careening vehicle from crossing into oncoming traffic.


Lower needed levels of upkeep benefit of employing Highway Crash Barriers is that they require less upkeep than any other type of road safety barrier. They can sustain forceful hits without breaking. Roadside safety barriers are built to survive for at least 30 years with minimal upkeep.

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