Product Review: Rootology Allergy Supplement

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Bulu Box recently sent me a sample of Rootology
to try. I will cover the basics below and then you can see my reaction at the bottom of the post. 

Does It Work?

It definitely does work, but it’s not without fault. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Actually works: This time of year is when my allergies kick in the most, by a long shot. Rootology has gotten me through the last couple of weeks problem-free. No itchy, watery eyes, no congestion, no allergies, no sinus pressure, nothing. This took my daily Claritin to another level.
  • Not annoying: It’s just 2 pills in the morning for me.
  • Non-drowsy: This does not make me tired, groggy, or drowsy at all.
  • Works fast: This claims to start working in just 20 minutes and it does start working FAST. I take it with Claritin at breakfast and never have any problems during the day.
  • All-natural: Come on, ALL NATURAL. In today’s day and age, this is very, very important to me.


  • Isn’t enough on it’s own: I tried using this one morning on it’s own and I was dying. You can take the dosage up to 4 times a day, but I like to just take it in combination with my daily allergy pill, Claritin. Rootology had this to say: “For our next batch the formula will be a bit more concentrated, which should reduce the need to take it as frequently.” Very cool for those who need something stronger!
  • Weird burps: I get herb-y burps from this. It’s not a bad taste, but I don’t enjoy any kind of flavored burps…call me crazy. I’m very sensitive to Omega pills because of the fish burps, so I am very aware of this type of thing. However, my fiance also noticed the herb burps and didn’t like it.
Would I Buy It?

Yes, yes, yes. I suffer from allergies pretty bad and can confidently say this made a huge difference for me. It’s also really affordable, especially considering that it’s natural. You can buy Rootology
here. Do you guys have any other allergy-fighting secrets?

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